Ain Al-Aziziya was established in Jeddah in 1367 AH; 1948 AD, under the guidance of His Majesty King Abdulaziz (may God rest his soul), as his endowment, which aim was to bring water from Wadi Fatima in the area east of Khulais province to Jeddah, 70 km away. In 1387 AH; 1967 AD, water was successfully transferred from Khulais area to Jeddah through Ain Al-Aziziya, which remained the only source of water for the people of Jeddah governorate until the year 1389 AH; 1969 AD.
King Abdulaziz directed the creation of financial resources for Ain Al-Aziziya, so that a quarter of the lands located to the north and south of the Ain Al-Aziziya stream, starting from the fifth kilometer in Jeddah up to sources of the springs in the east of Khulais, be associated with Ain Al-Aziziya. That, in addition to any amounts received from water revenues.
In 1389 AH; 1969 AD, in 1389, a desalination plant was established in Jeddah, which production was supported by the quantity produced by Al Ain. Ain Al-Aziziya invested in collecting fees from consumers to date, and it established cities for sea and air pilgrims with nominal fees, adding up to the Al-Ain’s income.
Over time, Al-Ain had a lot of resources and therefore, a lot of assets, whether buildings, offices, work headquarters, maintenance, equipment, and other assets, whereas part of its income is disbursed on charity. Ain Al Aziziya Department carries out several works, including obtaining water fees from participants in Jeddah governorate and land fees sold within the Ain land concession, the value of the wages of buildings invested from the Ain properties, as well as conducting the management and maintenance of pilgrim cities and the drilling of water wells to support the production of the Ain water, while carrying out some charitable work such as building mosques and cemeteries, and giving handouts.