The following themes are the main components of empowerment in the endowment sector, which the Endowment Leadership Center seeks to use as a guide in order to effectively perform its assigned roles:

  1. Laws and legislations: empowering legislations for the work of the endowment sector and its institutions, and policies governing its roles and practices.
  2. Human resources catalysts: a qualified workforce that managed the sector and conduct its business operations, with creating vital jobs that contribute to the localization.
  3. Financial sustainability: providing investment opportunities for the endowment sector, while involving the investment sector.
  4. Availability of information and decision-making tools: providing comprehensive information based on accurate and reliable specialized data.
  5. Effective governance: designing and activating frameworks for the governance of endowments entities and qualifying them for optimal use.
  6. Technical infrastructure: use of technology services, databases, and artificial intelligence to serve the sector and its institutions.
  7. Coordination and integration: coordination and consolidation of efforts between the endowment sector, and public, private and charitable sectors’ organizations.
  8. Community support and participation: launching community participation initiatives, volunteering opportunities, and attracting volunteers.