More than 70 years old
lifetime of this endowment
King Abdulaziz Al Saud
Founder's name
Definition of endowment and its origin

Ain Al-Azizia was established in Jeddah Governorate in 1367 AH under the directives of King Abdul Aziz (may God rest his soul in peace) as an endowment for him.


Stages of the endowment's development
  • Ain Al-Azizia was established in Jeddah Governorate in 1367 AH.
  • In the year 1387 AH, water was delivered from Khulais to Jeddah.
  • In 1389 AH, a desalination plant was established in Jeddah.

Endowment services and features

The endowment (Ain Al-Azizia) has invested in collecting fees from consumers till now, and Ain Al Azizia has established cities for sea and air pilgrims with nominal fees added to Al Ain's income.


With the passage of time, Al Ain has a lot of resources and therefore a lot of assets, whether buildings, offices, workplaces, maintenance, equipment, etc., and part of its crops are spent on charitable causes.


The Department of Al-Ain Al-Azizia performs several works, including collecting water fees from participants in Jeddah Governorate, fees for lands sold within the concession of Al-Ain lands, the value of wages for buildings invested from Al-Ain property, managing and maintaining pilgrims’ cities, digging water wells to support the production of Al-Ain water, and doing some charitable work such as building mosques and cemeteries and giving charity and otherwise.