More than 1200 years old
lifetime of this endowment
Zubaidah bint Jafar Al-Mansur
Founder's name
Definition of endowment and its origin

Zubaydah bint Jaafar al-Mansur, the wife of the caliph Harun al-Rashid, ordered the digging of water channels connected to the rain falls, and she bought all the lands in the valley and nullified the farms and palms, and ordered that a water channel be opened in the mountains. It is equal to what the science of engineering has reached today in terms of development and progress, especially in the ability of the workers at the time to withdraw water over that long distance and through mountain heights and depressions, valleys, and deserts. Until reached the Grand Mosque in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, passing through the holy sites of Mina, Arafat, and Muzdalifah, and the traces of water channels still exist to this day in the foothills of the mountains, as if they were done yesterday, despite the passage of hundreds of years on them.

And based on the importance of endowments and their preservation, during the era of the founder, King Abdul Aziz - may Allah rest his soul - a special department was established for the administration of Al-Ain called (Ain Zubaydah) to fully supervise and restore the waterhole and its wells, and Sheikh Abdullah Al-Dahlawi undertook an order from King Abdul-Aziz to build Ain Zubaida for se

Stages of the endowment's development
  • The endowment (Ayn Zubaydah) has been established by Zubaidah bint Ja`far ibn al-Mansur after her Hajj in 186 AH.

  • Due to natural factors, Ain Zubaydah was subjected to interruption due to the lack of rain, and the Emir (Ibrahim bin Barada) was appointed in Egypt to complete the task of repairing the endowment, and he died before its completion.

  • The matter was taken over by the prince of "Jeddah", and he also died without completing it.

  • It was completed by Judge Sayyid Hussein al-Hassani, after the work took ten full years.

  • In 1346 AH, Sheikh Abdullah Al-Dahlawi, by order of King Abdulaziz, built Ain Zubaydah and it took several years.

  • The competencies of Ain Zubaydah were transferred to the General Authority for Awqaf according to Cabinet Resolution No. 319 dated 9/13/1431 AH.

Endowment services and features

Openings have been implemented for sub-channels in which it is expected that the torrential waters will meet in them to be tributaries that increase the amount of water transported to Makkah Al-Mukarramah through the main channel.


Among these channels are Ain Mashash, Ain Maymoun, Ain Al-Zafaran, Ain Al-Baroud, Ain Al-Tariqi, Ain Taqba, and Ain Al-Jarnyat.


The endowment is considered one of the most important historical places in the Kingdom, the effects of which still exist for hundreds of years to this day, and the endowment immortalized the history of this great woman whose goal was to water the pilgrims.