Life at the General Authority for Awqaf

Our Culture in "Awqaf"

As an essential pillar of institutional excellence, the General Authority for Awqaf is primarily concerned with the human element, human capital is the main factor in achieving our vision and reaching our future aspirations, and we pay close attention to the development and strengthening of the capabilities and skills of our national cadres, to reach the highest levels of excellence and growth through a number of development programs including local and international training programs and on-the-job training programs. Furthermore, we work diligently to promote balance and well-being through a number of policies and benefits that create the desired balance between the personal and professional lives of employees.

Promising Investment

We do not consider training programs and improving the culture as a luxury task; instead, we consider them as an investment through which we create and develop national and leadership competencies that promote the country and achieve the mission of our Authority through a number of programs:

  • "Waed"
    • Through “Waed” program, the Authority aims to prepare skilled and promising staff with high personal and professional abilities, including newly graduates and those who have joined our team, with professional levels in the career ladder.
  • "Qiyadi"
    • As part of our Authority’s succession policies, we have launched the “Qiyadi” program through which we invest in national competencies to make them a continuous and sustainable tributary. The General Department of Human Resources is also designing, in collaboration with other departments, specific development programs that include local and international training programs on personal and leadership skills, as well as on-the-job training or what is known as "Coaching."

Educational Support

We encourage our Saudi employees to develop and learn continuously, continue their postgraduate careers and obtain specialized professional certificates in order to raise the quality of our employees and distinguish our outputs.