As part of its efforts aimed at organizing, developing, and empowering the endowment sector, the General Authority for Endowments has announced that the total number of electronic endowment certificates has exceeded 17,000 certificates, including 5,000 endowments outside the authority's supervision in various regions of the Kingdom.

The authority is committed to ensuring the completion of registration requirements and compliance with the regulations before issuing the endowment certificate. Obtaining the endowment certificate for the endowment's owner guarantees an official document to safeguard the rights of the endower and the endowment, as well as to benefit from the digital services provided by government and private entities.

The General Authority for Endowments launched the electronic endowment registration service early in 2020, with the aim of establishing a comprehensive database for all registered endowments, improving the endowment process, enhancing the quality of services provided, and saving time and effort for beneficiaries.

It is worth noting that the General Authority for Endowments works on regulating, preserving, and developing endowment services provided to beneficiaries and promoting its sustainability. This is achieved by applying best practices and regulations that enhance endowment work, in line with the objectives of Islamic Sharia and the laws, and to fulfill the aspirations of the wise leadership to make the Kingdom a leader in the non-profit sector.