The Ministry of Justice and the General Authority for Endowments have completed the integration of systems related to endowment deeds in an important step to facilitate and improve the experience of endowment registration procedures. This integration aims to accelerate digital transformation efficiently and effectively, enhancing the beneficiary's experience, saving time and effort, and developing systems to enhance the governance of the endowment sector.

Based on the joint cooperation between the two entities, this integration will contribute to achieving the strategic goals of the General Authority for Endowments by improving the quality of services provided by the Authority and enhancing the process of establishing endowments. Endowment data will be recorded instantly and immediately in the Authority's systems as soon as it is documented in the Ministry of Justice.

It is worth mentioning that the General Authority for Endowments works on regulating and preserving the endowment sector, developing endowment services provided to beneficiaries, and working on the development and sustainability of the sector. This is achieved by applying best practices, enacting regulations and laws that enhance endowment work, and promoting the role of endowments in economic and social development and social solidarity in accordance with the objectives of Islamic Sharia and regulations. This is all done to fulfill the aspirations of the wise leadership in making the Kingdom a pioneer in the nonprofit sector.