On Thursday, the 18th of Rajab, 1444 AH, His Excellency the Governor of the General Authority of Awqaf, Mr. Imad bin Saleh Al-Kharashi, inaugurated the first mosque constructed in the "Sadrat" project, which is being executed by the Roshn Real Estate Group in Riyadh. The opening ceremony was attended by Mr. David Grover, the CEO of the Roshn Real Estate Group. This event is part of the cooperation agreement signed between the General Authority of Awqaf and the Roshn Group in June of the previous year, with the aim of building 14 mosques in the first phase of the Sadrat project in Riyadh.

His Excellency the Governor of the General Authority of Awqaf stated that the opening of the mosque is the first fruit of the collaboration between the Authority and the Roshn Real Estate Group. This collaboration aims to develop and direct support for sustainable development projects through the endowment platform and the sustainability and empowerment program for non-profit endowment entities. It also aims to engage all segments of society in supporting endowment and development projects.

David Grover, the CEO of the Roshn Real Estate Group, expressed his pride in the partnership with the General Authority of Awqaf as a non-profit organization. He also expressed his happiness at the opening of the first mosque in Sadrat, which is the first in a series of mosques to be built in future stages. He emphasized that the agreement aims to strengthen cooperation in building mosques within the Sadrat community and to strengthen relations with relevant charitable institutions.

Under the agreement, the General Authority of Awqaf collaborates with the Roshn Real Estate Group to build 12 mosques and prayer halls within the urban area of the Sadrat project, covering an estimated total area of about 24,000 square meters with a capacity to accommodate up to 6,400 worshippers. The project serves more than 7,500 residential units.

The Sadrat Mosques project, designed in the Salmani architectural style, enhances the quality of life in residential neighborhoods by providing easy access for people with disabilities, energy-efficient design using modern technologies, and achieving the highest standards of safety and security. It also considers environmental aspects by utilizing graywater and developing green spaces around the mosques.

The General Authority of Awqaf oversees the Mosque Architecture Initiative, which aims to improve the quality of services provided in 11,000 mosques and prayer halls in various regions of the Kingdom. This initiative is designed to create a healthy environment within mosques, further enabling non-profit entities and enhancing their role in implementing development and endowment projects.

It's worth noting that the General Authority of Awqaf works on regulating and preserving the endowment sector, developing the services provided to beneficiaries, and ensuring its growth and sustainability to fulfill the conditions of the endowers. This is achieved by applying best practices, regulations, and laws aimed at enhancing the role of the Authority in economic and social development and social solidarity, in accordance with the principles of Islamic law and regulations, and to realize the aspirations of wise leadership in making the Kingdom a leader in the non-profit sector.