The General Authority for Endowments has achieved second place among government institutions, councils, and public authorities in the Functional Engagement Award. This award included 140 facilities, and the Authority achieved an engagement rate of 86% in the periodic measurement results for functional engagement in 2022.

The award was received by Mr. Emad Al-Kharashi, the Governor of the Authority, from Engineer Ahmed bin Suleiman Al-Rajhi, the Minister of Human Resources and Social Development, at the award ceremony. This recognition will have a significant impact on raising positive competitiveness and developing the human resources to enhance the endowment work environment.

The purpose of the award is to create positive competition among entities and raise awareness among employees about the importance of achieving organizational goals. It also aims to find non-traditional and innovative solutions, develop employees, and improve their productivity, contributing to the development and growth of the work environment.

The award takes into consideration several indicators in its evaluation. It looks for practicality and positive impact on the sector and leadership that aligns with the Authority's strategy and achieves its goals. It also encourages innovation through effective and fruitful teamwork and emphasizes continuous professional development that contributes to the development of the endowment sector. Additionally, it values high performance directed towards high-impact programs within a stable work environment that emphasizes quality and excellence.

It's worth mentioning that the General Authority for Endowments works on regulating, preserving, and developing the endowment sector, as well as improving the endowment services provided to beneficiaries. It aims to meet the conditions and requirements of the endowments by implementing best practices, enacting regulations and laws that enhance endowment work, and promoting the role of endowments in economic, social, and social solidarity development in accordance with Islamic law and regulations. This is to achieve the aspirations of the wise leadership in making the Kingdom a pioneer in the nonprofit sector.