The General Authority for Endowments has won several endowment-related cases in its efforts to protect endowments. These judicial rulings have amounted to approximately one billion Saudi Riyals in value. The cases include real estate assets and financial compensations.

One of the notable cases involved a group of claimants against an endowment that had been established for over a century. The lawsuit was dismissed, and the property, valued at 300 million Riyals, remained dedicated to endowment.

In another instance, the authority successfully invalidated the sale of an endowment property in Mecca, where the buyer had acquired it at a significantly lower price several years prior. The sale was annulled, and the endowment was entitled to compensation exceeding 66 million Riyals due to the property's expropriation for public benefit.

Additionally, the authority defended an endowment against an individual's claim to nullify its ownership of a property exceeding one million square meters. The lawsuit was rejected, and the property remained dedicated to endowment, safeguarding the endowment's interests and beneficiaries.

Furthermore, in its strategic role of preserving endowments, the authority won a case to reassess a property under its supervision, resulting in a compensation increase of over half a billion Riyals.

The General Authority for Endowments has achieved multiple successes in securing endowment-related cases for the benefit of endowments under its supervision. In 2022, it handled 1,174 cases, with a remarkable 92% of judgments ruled in favor of the endowments, highlighting its dedication to protecting endowments, maximizing the impact of the endowment sector, and safeguarding the rights of the endowment donors.

It's worth mentioning that the General Authority for Endowments plays a crucial role in regulating and preserving the endowment sector, developing services for beneficiaries, and ensuring the sustainability of the sector. This aligns with the principles of Islamic Sharia and regulations, aiming to enhance the role of endowments in economic, social development, and social solidarity, in line with the aspirations of the leadership to make the Kingdom a leader in the non-profit sector.