The General Authority for Endowments has launched the "Jadara Program for Empowering Charitable Associations" under the patronage of the Governor of the General Authority for Endowments, Mr. Imad bin Saleh Al-Kharashi. The launch event was attended by relevant parties from the National Center for Non-Profit and Profit Development, the Associations Support Fund, the Council of Charitable Associations, and representatives of charitable associations participating in the project, as well as those interested in the endowment and non-profit sector.

The Jadara program is one of the empowerment tracks within the Sustainability and Empowerment Program. It aims to empower 15 endowment associations across the kingdom. This empowerment includes creating a common endowment investment fund, establishing a coordinating council for endowment associations, building their institutional capacities, enhancing their governance, contributing to the qualification of associations for government support services, and recruiting and training administrative and executive leaders.

The program also covers the establishment of program and project management units within the associations, the development of digital and technical transformation in their operations, hosting an annual forum for the empowerment of endowment associations, preparing a package of quality partnerships with relevant entities, and establishing a digital incubator and accelerator for endowment associations.

Through this project, the General Authority aims to activate the contribution of the endowment sector in the development of the non-profit sector, enhance its role in economic and social development, and integrate efforts with partner entities to achieve the goals of Vision 2030 in redirecting endowment funds towards high-impact programs, achieving financial sustainability for non-profit organizations, and improving organizations' efficiency to achieve sustainable impact.

During the launch event, the General Authority signed a grant agreement with the Charitable Association for Developmental Work (Tanami) to implement a set of capabilities for endowment associations to contribute to their development, enhancement of their status, maximization of their impact, and achievement of development objectives.

Tanami is the implementing partner of the Jadara program and is a non-profit association dedicated to the development of developmental work. It has played an active role in strengthening and empowering the non-profit sector through its initiatives and specialized programs.

It's worth noting that the General Authority for Endowments works to regulate the endowment sector by activating the supervisory unit over non-profit organizations within its jurisdiction. This aims to enhance its role in economic and social development, as well as social solidarity, in accordance with the goals of Islamic Sharia and regulations, and to achieve the aspirations of the wise leadership in making the Kingdom a leader in the non-profit sector.