GAA’s role in empowering and sustaining the non-profit sector

The Kingdom Vision 2030 stipulates that "the contribution of our non-profit sector does not exceed (0.3%) of GDP. This contribution is modest if compared to the global average of (6%). Currently, the proportion of charitable projects that have a social impact or that are in line with long-term national development goals is of (7%) only; we will raise this percentage to more than (33%), God willing, by the year (1442 AH; 2020 AD). The Law of civil associations and organizations and the Law of the General Authority for Awqaf will contribute to enabling the non-profit sector to transform towards institutionalization, and we will strengthen that by supporting socially impacted projects and programs, and we will facilitate the establishment of non-profit organizations for families and wealth owners, which contributes to the rapid growth of the non-profit sector; also, we will create a supportive technical environment, and will continue to work on strengthening the cooperation between non-profit sector institutions and government agencies. In the field of capacity-building, we will motivate the non-profit sector to implement good governance standards, and facilitate the process of attracting and training competencies, and instill a culture of volunteerism among members of society…”

Therefore, the role of the General Authority for Awqaf (GAA) is central in maximizing the development impact and sustainability of the non-profit sector, in a view to be a vital society with a strong structure and responsible citizens. The authority will facilitate and empower the volunteer work in the non-profit sector through developing appropriate programs, mechanisms and laws, and will cooperate with various stakeholders in the sector in the creation of development programs and endowment products in the field of education and health, and products in the field of service, and products in the field of social service, as well as other programs, to encourage volunteering and scientific research, with the aim to reach 1 million volunteer in the non-profit sector annually, comparing to 11 thousand today. The Authority will play a central role in raising the contribution of the non-profit sector in the GDP from less than 1% to 5%. The Authority will actively participate in upgrading the social capital index from the 26th to the 10th place and will have a significant impact economically.