Endowment Fund in the service of Doyof Al Rahman:

The establishment of an endowment fund aimed at reducing the large operational financial expenses incurred by the state for the services provided to the guests of Al Rahman (Doyof Al Rahman) and replacing them with revenues and services provided by endowments. This fund will contribute to the sponsorship and financing of a number of initiatives, programs and projects allocated and provided to Doyof Al Rahman.

Donor network in the service of Doyof Al Rahman:

The establishment of a network of donors interested in the field of Doyof Al Rahman service to coordinate efforts among its members to finance projects and services of Doyof Al Rahman, that will achieve the objectives of Doyof Al Rahman service program and the objectives of the donor institutions.

Endowment Inventory Project::

The Inventory Project of the GAA’s endowments in all the Kingdom is one of the important initiatives and strategic projects that will have a significant impact on the various work areas in the Authority. The program will be implemented in three stages, where all the outputs of the project will be stored in a unified electronic database, such as topographical surveying information, geographic data, ownership data. This is in order to maintain, follow up, monitor and rapidly make good use of the endowments, and prevent their infringement, in a view to meet the Donor Conditions and the needs of the beneficiaries.

Crowdfunding Platform:

The launch of an online electronic platform for collecting cash and in-kind donations using the method of public development of financial resources “Crowdfunding” to facilitate the funding process of projects and programs. It will also contribute to the sustainability of the non-profit sector and its programs and projects by creating additional sources of income that contribute to the strengthening of its development resource.

Enhancing the role of endowments in the development of the non-profit sector:

The Authority aims to develop a study that monitors and develops a clear perception of the endowments of the non-profit organizations, and analyzes its current situation, as well as to develop relevant laws (endowments laws and non-profit sector laws), and design a range of incentives to stimulate the non-profit sector to establish endowments, in order to increase its financial revenues and establish specialized model endowment funds, and create innovative endowment products, where mechanisms and actions can be put in place to take advantage of these endowments as financing opportunities to support the non-profit sector and increase the GDP.

National Endowment Studies and Research Center:

It is a specialized center in the field of studies, research, event organizing, and the development of the abilities and skills of workers in the non-profit sector, and it operates in accordance with the latest methodologies in these fields. The most important components and initiatives of the center are as follows:
1-Endowment Academy:It is an academy specialized in the field of training, rehabilitation and capacity-building for endowment workers.
2-Conferences and Events:The Center intends to organize a number of events, conferences, and forums specialized in the endowments, that tackle topics of priority in the non-profit sector.
3-Endowment Award:It is an award specialized in the field of endowments that contribute to the promotion of outstanding practices in the field of endowments.