Service description

This service allows for submitting a request for the authority to intervene in a case in which one of the parties is an endowment,  after verifying the necessity and interest of such intervention.

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Terms and conditions
The endowment must have an interest in the intervention.
The case must be pending in the first instance, and the pleading must not be closed.
All session regulations and documents related to the case must be attached.
All documents related to the endowment (property and endowment deeds, guardianship) must be attached.
Service implementation steps
الدخول الى الموقع
Log in through the website
اختيار الخدمة
Access the Intervention Request Service for the Benefit of Endowments
تعبئة النموذج
Fill out the application form
مراجعة الطلب
Review the request and verify that all requirements are met, then make a decision
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