Based on the Kingdom Vision 2030, which addressed three main themes: to be a vibrant society with an ambitious homeland and a prosperous economy; to promote the process of sustainable development in our precious homeland and the importance of the endowment sector in development; and to keep pace with the advancements that the world is witnessing at all levels, the General Authority for Awqaf (GAA) seeks to organize the endowment sector as well as maintaining and developing the endowments, in a view to achieve the Donor Conditions, and enhance its role in the economic and social development and solidarity, in accordance with the purposes of the Islamic Law and regulations. My colleagues and I will work hard to be the main supporter of the advancement of the endowment sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Being aware of the importance of the role of endowments in maximizing the development impact of the non-profit sector, we are keen to activate our role to make our precious Kingdom a vital society with a strong structure and responsible citizens. We will facilitate and enable volunteer work in the non-profit sector through developing appropriate programs, mechanisms and laws to realize the objectives of the Kingdom Vision 2030, and the national transformation plan for the non-profit sector in partnership with the relevant authorities.
Also, based on the GAA’s belief in the importance of the sector and its shareholders and the targeted development impact, the Authority relied on the values and principles of honesty, transparency, and sincerity, and ensured that its achievements are accompanied by results of profound impact, with our keenness to work in a single team spirit and continue to learn and gain further knowledge to promote the endowment works. The Authority’s strategy included 5 pillars, 12 strategic objectives, a number of initiatives, 35 indicators for performance measurement. Priorities have also been determined for the next five years through a road map of 34 initiatives divided into three main stages (the stage of establishment and operation, the stage of governance and development, and the stage of excellence and sustainability); each initiative consists of a series of projects and operational programs that will be implements according to the international best practices.
Believing in the importance of communicating with our clients in the endowment sector to upgrade our services, we affirm our keenness and interest in any suggestions or remarks that will enable us to improve the services we provide and develop the endowment work environment in line with the renaissance of our precious Kingdom, and achieve the Kingdom Vision 2030, may God give success.

The Governor