Strategic Plan of the Authority’s Initiatives
The Stage of Establishment and Operation
-    Developing existing laws and regulations pertaining to the Endowment sector
-    Preparing the laws, regulations and policies that enable the Authority and the endowment sector to perform their roles
-    Developing disclosure and governance programs and mechanisms
-    Developing and raising awareness of compliance policies and standards
-    Establishing disbursement control policies
-    Inventory and registering endowments inside and outside the Kingdom
-    Building internal policies, procedures and infrastructure
-    Attracting and building capacities
-    Building the corporate identity and mental image
-    Implementing a performance management system in the authority
-    Building and operating the Strategic Planning Department
-    Building and implementing internal governance standards
-    Building standards and mechanisms for disclosure to the Authority
-    Establishing the investment arm of the Authority (Awqaf Company)
-    Establishing endowment services centers

The Stage of Governance and Development
-    Building and implementing the Internal Control System
-    Building a strategy for the paid services provided by the Authority to its clients
-    Establishing an investment strategy
-    Establishing and implementing a marketing strategy
-    Establishing and operating the Studies and Research Center
-    Enhancing the competency and eligibility of Trustees
-    Facilitating and automating endowment procedures
-    Establishing an Information Center
-    Determining, classifying and implementing the Donor Conditions

The Stage of Excellence and Sustainability
-    Endowment Excellence Award
-    Creating and developing attractive endowment products and publicize them
-    Creating motivational packages for Donors
-    Developing the seasonal endowments
-    Developing the NGOs endowments
-    Building development partnerships
-    Developing a system of "Smart Work System" for endowment management
-    Creating an attractive work environment
-    Privatizing some of the services provided by the Authority