The Strategy of the General Authority for Awqaf


We aim to be the main supporter for the advancement of the endowment sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Enhancing the status of endowments in the society, developing and maintaining them, and diversifying its disbursement, in a view to raise the contribution of the endowment sector to the economic and social development, in accordance with the Kingdom Vision 2030.


-    Developing the laws and governance of the endowment sector
-    Developing the endowment sector
-    Enhancing the institutional excellence
-    Diversifying the sources of income
-    Developing the disbursements

-    Updating the laws to meet the current and future needs
-    Raising the level of governance and developing disclosure requirements
-    Enhancing the control and transparency
-    Building the institutional capacities of the Authority
-    Establishing and developing the internal governance framework
-    Developing the endowment work environment
-    Diversifying the sources of income
-    Directing the disbursements to high-impact programs
-    Diversifying the endowment investment portfolio
-    Achieving financial sustainability for non-profit entities
-    Raising awareness of the importance of the endowment sector in the economic and social development
-    Having new Donors