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Endowment Investment Funds

Endowment Registration

Registering an endowment .. enables it

GAA Overview

Enhancing the role of endorsements in economic, social development, and social solidarity. The General Authority of Awqaf is a legal person with financial and administrative independence, linked to the Prime Minister. With a clear strategy that charts its way to advance the Awqaf sector in Saudi Arabia and to maintain its organization, growth, and development, it plays a role in the sustainability of the non-profit sector..

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Our E-Services

The General Authority for Awqaf (GAA) works to efficiently serve its customers to achieve their satisfaction and provide them with distinguished services.

Endowment Registration

One of the roles of the GAA is to register endorsements after its documentation. Accordingly, the endowment registration service of E-deeds was launched for Natural and Juridical persons.

Endowment Funds

This service enables fund managers or their representatives to apply for the issuance of a license to the Endorsement Fund.

Report Unknown Endowment

The Authority provides the service of unknown and non-performing endorsements to maintain and enhance its role in society.

Complaint against Endowment or trustees

The General Authority of Awqaf receives and handles complaints about endowments as required by the Authority's procedures.

Customer Satisfaction

Through this service, feedback is obtained to measure customer satisfaction to provide the best endorsement services.


This service enables users to make suggestions that will improve the submission and maintenance of endowment services.

Delegation Verification

This service enables lawyers, judges, and notaries to do delegation verification.

GAA Numbers

1,7 billion SAR
The expenditure of the Authority to implement the conditions of the donors
Number of collected endowments
Endorsements certificates
الصناديق الوقفية المكتملة
Licensed Endowments Funds
Awqaf Banks
الصناديق الوقفية المكتملة
608 million SAR
The authority's assets amount on the endowments funds
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The Ministry of Justice and the General Authority for Endowments have completed the integration of systems related to endowment deeds in an important step to facilitate and improve the experience of endowment registration procedures...
The General Authority of Endowments organized a number of workshops with more than 15 government and private agencies, to enhance the role of the (endowment certificate), raise the quality of services provided, improve the journey of...
The General Authority for Endowments has won several endowment-related cases in its efforts to protect endowments. These judicial rulings have amounted to approximately one billion Saudi Riyals in value. The cases include real estate...
Under the sponsorship of His Excellency the Governor of the General Authority of Endowments, "Investing in the Future" company and "Jadwa Investment" company signed a partnership agreement on Tuesday at the headquarters of the...
The General Authority for Endowments has launched the "Jadara Program for Empowering Charitable Associations" under the patronage of the Governor of the General Authority for Endowments, Mr. Imad bin Saleh Al-Kharashi. The launch...