The Authority aims to develop its customer service mechanisms and procedures by establishing customer service centers to provide various and comprehensive services in accordance with the Authority’s terms of reference as mentioned in its Law, and it will work on providing these services, in accordance with the highest standards provided in this field, including:

Endowment Consulting
Providing endowment consultations in various fields of development, investment, products, and endowment authentication, registration and documentation procedures, etc.

Introducing development, investment and service products provided by the Authority.

Unified Call Center Service
Answering customer inquiries, receives complaints and reports, and introducing certain services and procedures.

Reporting on Unclaimed (unknown) Endowments Service
Receiving citizens’ reports on unclaimed (unknown) endowments and introducing the reporting procedure and following up with relevant authorities until the ticket is closed.

Conciliation Center
Receiving dispute cases that occur between donors and trustees, or among trustees, or between trustees and beneficiaries, and working on resolving them before they reach courts, in order to ensure that the endowment do not falter, and the Donor Conditions are not disrupted.

Relationship Managers Service
Providing various service around the clock to key customers through relationship managers for major endowments.

Key Customers Service
Providing excellence services to key customers through various services, including (Wosool) to reach those who wish to take part in the endowment at home.

Complaints and Reports Service
Receiving the complaints of citizens, clients of the Authority, and reporters about violations of the trustees and donors, and receiving complaints of the beneficiaries of the endowment services under the trusteeship of the Authority.

Authentication Service
Related to the issuance, certification and documentation of agencies.

Endowment Registration Service
Related to the issuance, certification and documentation of agencies.

Endowment Documentation Service
Facilitating the endowment documentation process through the presence of a judge who provides this service in cooperation with the Supreme Judicial Council and the Ministry of Justice.