Effectively managing and monitoring Enterprise Risks is a priority within General Authority for Awqaf to make sure that we achieve our strategic objectives and positively support the role of endowments in economic and social developments.

In addition, knowing that risks are part of any type of organizations, we are applying Enterprise Risks Management (ERM) standards and tools by a dedicated well trained risk team who are governing risk identification, analysis, and evaluation in a proactive manner during strategy execution to efficiently utilize the resources and create a value for our stakeholders by providing assurance on the highly governed and transparent organization culture relate to risk management.

General Authority for Awqaf top management is continuously monitoring risk reports and setting the tone at the top for ERM to emphasis the importance of investing on risk management knowing that lower priority of risk management does increase uncertainties which may lead to undesired loses or increase mitigations cost.

Enterprise Risk Management and Cybersecurity Department with the extensive support of Risk Management Committee (RMC) chaired by the Governor is providing a highly mature management style that allows ERM working on enhancing risk culture, developing processes, framework, and monitoring mechanism for risks and controls following the international standards to enhance observing risks behavior and proactively control threats and increase opportunities which will lead to support achieving our strategic objectives